The Myth of the Cork

The presentation of a wine at a restaurant is dramatic dance. The server will elegantly deliver and show the bottle off, then make the first pour which you are to taste. If you should elect, you can then approve or disapprove of the bottle’s quality.

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Biases in Wine Tasting

There is a large spectrum in wine tasting abilities. On one hand, there is the new comer who valiantly tries new wines in the hope that they may find one that they enjoy and on the other hand there is the connoisseur who has spent a large part of their life tasting and getting to know wines in the same way a painter knows colours. Between the two levels a massive void exists. It is here that biases exist in many different forms when it comes to wines. These biases effect the way people taste wines and inherently it changes the way they perceive their overall taste.

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Reguengo de Melgaço’ 15 – Verde Ouro/Best of 2016

We are very pleased to share with you the first two awards presented to our selection of 2015 Alvarinhos.

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