About José Maria da Fonseca

José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history, and one that has known how to stay up-to-date without ever sitting back on its laurels. José Maria da Fonseca has been making wines since 1834, resulting from the shared passion of a family that has known how to preserve the memory and prestige of its founder.
Well aware of the responsibility of being the oldest producer of wine and Setúbal Moscatel in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca follows a philosophy of development and therefore they are always investing in research and production. An example of this is the José de Sousa Rosado Fernandes Winery, at Reguengos de Monsaraz, where the Roman tradition of clay pot fermentation is maintained alongside the latest technology.
The nearly 650 hectares of vineyards and a winery equipped with the latest technology produces wines that combine the experience gathered throughout its history with the most advanced winemaking techniques.
In addition to all these resources, what most characterizes the wines from José Maria da Fonseca is a great passion for the art of winemaking. It is this passion, capable of generating deep emotions that José Maria da Fonseca shares with consumers every time they try one of their wine.


Head Office

José Maria da Fonseca

Vila Nogueira De Azeitão, Setúbal

2925-542 Vila Nogueira De Azeitão


Phone: +351 212-197-500

E-Mail: info@jmf.pt

Website: http://jmf.pt/