About Sogrape

Sogrape Vinhos was founded in 1942 by Fernando van Zeller Guedes, with the ambition of making Portuguese wines known throughout the world. He had the long-term vision based on the marketing of quality wines, the importance of new brands and their presentation. Today, led by the third generation of the family, Sogrape Vinhos remains dedicated to meeting its founding objective: to be a family-run company with an international outlook which is focused on producing wines of quality and innovation. Owning around 1.500 hectares of vineyards covering all of the major wine growing regions of Portugal, Argentina, New Zealand, and Chile, Sogrape Vinhos, has created a legacy of diverse wines with sufficient volume to satisfy the needs of different market segments.


Head Office


Rua 5 de Outubro, 4527

Avintes, Porto

4430-852 Avintes


Phone: +351 227-838 104

E-Mail: info@sograpevinhos.com

Fax: +351 227-835 769

Website: http://eng.sograpevinhos.com