About Monte da Raposinha

Monte da Raposinha is located in Montargil, in the northern Alentejo, right downstream from the famous Montargil Dam, a landmark of the town and surrounding region.
The property has been in the family since late 18th century and was given the name Raposinha for this was how Pedro Sousa, used to lovingly call his daughter Rosário ever since she was a child.
Flanked by Sôr river stream and the dam’s irrigation canals, the fertility of its land eventually fulfilled new dreams with the plantation of the first vine in 2004. Initially an exciting experience comprising only 2 hectares of land turned into a mature project of 12 hectares. As a result, Monte da Raposinha has naturally evolved from the leisurely family’s vacation spot to a true viticulture challenge and wine production project.
In addition to all these resources, what most characterizes the wines from José Maria da Fonseca is a great passion for the art of winemaking. It is this passion, capable of generating deep emotions that José Maria da Fonseca shares with consumers every time they try one of their wine.


Head Office

Monte da Raposinha

Estrada do Couço, S/N

Montargil, Portalegre


Phone: +351 919-860-902

E-Mail: geral@montedaraposinha.com

Website: http://www.montedaraposinha.com/