Temperature and Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an occasion of nuance. Each wine has to be in its perfect state and you have to have your pallet in the perfect state in order to best understand the unique markings of each wine. Having crackers will help clear your pallet before each wine tasting but before you can best describe a wine’s qualities in glass, in mouth and its finish you have to prepare the wine.

One of the most overlooked parts of wine tasting is temperature. Just because a white wine is meant to be cold does not mean that fridge temperature (1-4°C) is the right temperature. Conversely, room temperature may not be a proper temperature for all red wines (18-21°C).

Below we have provided a chart which will help you best prepare your wines for drinking and for tasting by having them at the right temperature.

Wine type Temperature (Celsius)
Light bodied sweet  dessert wines 6–10 °C
White  sparkling wines 6–10 °C
Aromatic, light bodied white 8–12 °C
Red sparkling wines 10–12 °C
Medium bodied whites 10–12 °C
Full bodied dessert wines 8–12 °C
Light bodied red wines 10–12 °C
Full bodied white wines 12–16 °C
Medium bodied red wines 14–17 °C
Full bodied red wines 15–18 °C

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